How To Make A Super Efficient Gasifier Wood Stove For Survival, Backpacking, And Camping

On our blog we have shown how to make all sorts of DIY stoves such as rocket stoves, tin can stoves, etc. The DIY wood stove is a little different in that it is super efficient.

Many people make and sell these stoves. However, because this wood stove costs next to nothing is easy to make, and can boil water in just a few minutes why spend the extra money?

This miniature stove is great for longer hiking, or backpacking trips where there is a lot of wood and you don’t want to pack the extra fuel. This mini wood stove can be used in a survival situation as well.

We really like this design for a DIY stove. It’s a portable high efficiency wood gasifier backpacking stove. It is small light and only needs a handful of twigs to boil a few cups of water. A great alternative for longer hikes where you don’t want to carry lots of fuel.

You’ll love the fact that once this miniature stove is up, and burning well it burns really clean. However be sure check out the clean burn attachment to make it burn even cleaner.


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