The Shocking One Second Fight Ender -Simple, And Wicked Reaction Against A Two Handed Grab

One of the givens in self defense is that if you’re ever attacked it’s going to be by someone who’s bigger, and stronger. Often bigger assailants think the simplest way to deal with you is to grab, and throw you down, or into a wall.

Big guys that are not real fight savvy use their size to throw people around. Here you’re going to see how one of the very best self defense instructors in the world teaches people to handle themselves in this situation. It may save your hide some day.

This is a great way to deal with a two handed grab by a larger person. The instructor is Tom Proctor, and he’s considered one of the very best in the business. Make sure to watch the entire video, as there are some things you don’t want to miss.

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  • John

    If he grabs you with both hands he has effectively neutralized his ability to defend himself. He is now open to any number of attacks
    I favor hyper extending one of his knees with a kick. But the are literally dozens of highly effective possibilities.

    • Tommy Lee Whitmire

      Very good simple techniques demonstrated here for everyday person who unfortunately finds themselves in this situation. Just remember and practice moves where they come into real use the speed at which things happen. If you hesitate the moves learned here won’t help you rectify and diffuse the guy, but with practice they have ultimate effect done correctly. The hook coming to left strike really catches assailant off guard and by lowering you arms to your latissimus muscle completes task of having larger opponent off his balance while leaving you going point of attack for your right elbow to attack the face and subdue big man. Once he’s had several elbows with meaning to eyes face, nose, and mouth, with great force and intent, it’s then quite easy to flip larger man to his back where your next phase of punishing self defense offers several debilitating choices for you to utilize. Personally I like to administer several great punches to head and face while my shin is placed across his throat, then finish up with arm bar and wrench back enough to dislocate his elbow/arm.

  • Tommy Lee Whitmire

    I agree with John, initially I would have taken knee out because big man is on equal playing field when he can’t get to his feet and cannot generate all his offensive plus his power has been diminished greatly. And my favorite reason, it just hurts them like a son of a bitch. Did enjoy video about crossing arm hooking wrist and trapping then against your lats and delivering hook then repeated elbows to face before tossing them over. Once over you have options of face blows or really hard core moves like arm breaker for maximum pain, can easily break/dislocate an arm, hence stopping the fight while guy on ground writers in pain, we would need to make a hasty retreat before cops should here.

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