5 Fatal Mistakes Rookie Prepper, And Survivalists Make

If you are a beginning prepper, or survivalist you could be making some serious, if not fatal mistakes. We never know what is going to be thrown our way, so we try to prepare the best we can.

Don’t make these 5 rookie prepper mistakes. Even if you are experienced you can possibly learn something here. We’ve also included the video “Prepping Mistakes & Reality Check!” below this article. Be sure to check it out.

1. Giving up to early – Many new survivalist start out with a load of energy only to run dry, giving up before meeting their goals.

The main reason – they think they have to spend thousands of dollars on a retreat, survival food and arsenal, money that they don’t have – so they give up all together.

2. Putting off starting – Procrastination is something we’ve talked about before, but is worth mentioning again. Don’t put off starting your preparedness program. The number one excuse given is a lack of money.

3. Not making their own plan – Many new survivalist (aka preppers), not knowing where to start attempt to follow the plans of others.

Granted there will be a lot of similarity between most survival plans, but it is important to look at your location, needs and budget and plan so.

Some survival authors / bloggers seem to have unlimited amounts of money for preps, and trying to follow in their footsteps can turn a lot of people away from the idea of prepping altogether.

4. Overlooking the need for shelter – Many new (and veteran) survivalist fail to realize the importance, of a paid for plot of land and shelter.

They seem to think their debt will just disappear or be forgiven. Sorry folks it don’t work that way. If you can’t get out of debt, think about having a travel trailer or small cabin as a backup shelter plan.
5. Bugging out – Bugging out can work, if you have a place to go and make it there unscathed. But the throw on a pack and live in the woods “plan” is lacking in reality and practicality. Some will pull it off – most will not. To see 5 more mistakes go to the original article at: AllSelfSustained.com

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  • william Biddulph

    Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail.
    Improvise, Utilise, Adapt & Overcome.
    To Survive you need a GOOD Knife
    To survive without a Good Knife, you need a Miracle.

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