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6 Ways To Stay Warm Without Central Heat

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

It’s getting cold out there, and with the cost of gas, it get expensive trying to just stay warm. Is it possible to stay warm without central heating.

For the answer we turn to experts in dealing with the cold, that being our friends in Canada. The Canadians have been dealing with cold, and snow for a long time.

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If you want to keep your heating costs down, give these no cost/low cost ways to stay warm without central heating a try. Do you have any low cost ways to stay warm? Please share in the common section below.

1) Shelter is vital. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to provide protection from the wind and snow. My grandparents raised six children in a non-professionally-built house that was insulated with a layer of newspaper and heated by one wood stove.

It certainly wasn’t air tight (the stove OR the house). My father often said “The only real difference between outdoors and our bedroom is that the wind was stronger outdoors.”

Perhaps part of the secret is that homes were so much smaller back then. Living without central heating, I’d prefer our 850 square foot cabin over a 2000 square foot modern house.
2) Dress appropriately with layers that can be added and removed as needed. Warm slippers in the house – you get into the habit of removing your boots and immediately putting on slippers.

Wool socks over cotton socks in boots that are big enough for air to be trapped. Denim or wool – slacks or long, heavy skirts over long underwear. Flannel nightgowns and pajamas – wear socks to bed, too!

Revive the old custom of wearing nightcaps. Finger-less gloves are wonderful . If you’re sitting still and reading, wrap up in an old blanket. Heavy bathrobes are great as a top layer – and they’re vital when you have a shower or bath! 

Oh, and layer your bed, too! Heavy, old-fashioned quilts and lots of them, or a really warm feather duvet. Flannel sheets.
3) Eat well! Cold climate people eat diets that are high in animal fats and high in calories. The calories and fat content in Newfoundland dishes, or Northern dishes, is astonishing. To see tips 4-6 see the full article here: CanadianDoomer.ca



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