How To Fix Broken, Frayed, Or Damaged Cords Without Soldering…Give Your Electrical Appliances A New Life.

If SHTF ever happens you are not going to be able to run to the local hardware store to buy new cords to fix your stuff. In a survival situation you’ll have to make use of what you have.

Here’s a great project that will come in very handy in those situations, or simply save you some money now. We all use extension cords, appliance cords, or light fixture cords. At times these cords get frayed, and many people just throw out the cord, or fixture.

This wastes a lot of money. So in this post were going to show you how to fix those frayed cords, and maybe even more importantly how NOT to fix those things.

save energy get paid

Don’t throw away those appliances that have frayed, broken, or damaged cords, repair them. Save yourself some money, and give new life to your old appliances. Watch the video to see how it’s done.



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