Fundamentals Of Urban Home Defense – Here Are Some Proven Strategies For Safer Living In Urban Areas

Living in urban areas present security issues that are unique to living in such an environment. It’s no secret that people living in urban areas have to take extra precautions in order to remain safe.

With that in mind there are some proven strategies for safer living in urban areas. Here are some proven tactics you can use to live more securely in urban areas.

Layering Security
Think of security as an onion. The core of that onion is the family and belongings being protected from accidents and criminal behavior. The layers surrounding the core are each independently functioning security protocols and equipment.

Security protocols include things such as not walking down dark alleys at night and making sure to see who is at the door before answering it.

Security equipment comes in all types and varieties, from early warning equipment such as alarm systems to defensive equipment such as custom locksmith-made door locks.

Alarm Systems
A serious crime committed in a neighborhood gets other homeowners primed to add to their own home security setup. This usually involves a call to an alarm company. This is a great first step in securing any home or apartment.

Alarm companies today install perimeter and motion detection systems as well as smoke and carbon monoxide warning devices. They are all connected to a central alarm system that is monitored around the clock.

Basic systems are often low cost or free with a monitoring agreement. Being connected to a monitoring agency is a layer of security unto itself because someone is there to send help to occupants who cannot help themselves.

Home Fortifications
Going beyond early warning of criminal entry, a developing fire or an appliance leaking deadly carbon monoxide is fortifications to deny or resist forced entry.

The costs for these types of fortifications really have the sky as the limit, but even homeowners on a budget can install devices that help keep the criminal element on the outside.

For apartment dwellers, a specialist from Davies Lock & Door Services Ltd. says that simply changing out the old locks upon moving in will improve security.

There is no knowing who has a key for old locks. Also, some older locks are easy to defeat while custom locks made by a locksmith are not.

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