Low Cost Modular Bug Out Shelter That Can Be Assembled By 2 People In Under 30 Minutes

We’re always on the look out for new ideas for shelters in the case of an emergency, or disaster situation.  Recently we ran across a modular survival shelter known as the Bunkhouse.

The Bunkhouse can be assembled by 2 people in 30 minutes or less. The cost is only $1595. It has some nice features that include:

  • insulated walls
  • heating
  • air conditioning
  • solar power options for lighting and 110 outlets
  • 6 bunks per unit
  • toilet
  • sink
  • shower
  • water storage
  • and more!

We love the nice features of this modular shelter which is made by CompassionShelters.com. The Bunkhouse is their smallest shelter and can sleep 6, and has available toilet facilities.



The Bunkhouse could provide short-and long-term housing in a disaster, or survival situation. It is a snap-together solution that requires no tools to erect, and can be assembled by two people in 30 minutes.

Watch the video now to see how easy it is to put one of these together. When it comes to easy, inexpensive solutions for emergency housing, this makes a lot of sense!

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