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Non Chemical Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Survival Garden

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

Part of the reason people have their own gardens is to avoid the chemicals that are found in store bought foods, and vegetables. Of course with gardens come bugs.

In order to stay away from pesticides that could not only harm you, and your pets yet still keep the bugs out of your survival garden we found some natural deterrents to bugs, and pests.

Bugs, and pests are always a problem, however so are the chemicals that many people use to keep them away. Here are some natural ways to keep the bugs out of your garden.

• Use seaweed mulch. Known to repel slugs, it also contains iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium, which promote healthy plant growth and can keep bugs away.

• Install a drip-irrigation system to water the roots of your plants. Keeping your plants dry also repels bugs and fungus since they thrive in moist environments.

Soak-er hoses adhere to your existing hose, which sweat water into your soil. This way, your plants can receive their water without getting drenched, which attracts all sorts of pests.

• Mix canola oil with ivory soap. Making your own homemade mixture with one tablespoon canola oil and a few drops of ivory soap can kill insects in a safe manner, and is very cheap to implement. Spray over the entire plant for the best effect.

• Spread cucumber peels in your garden to repel ants. Ants have been known to dislike the bitterness of cucumbers, so if you choose this method, make sure the cucumbers are extra bitter to keep ants away.

• Plant herbs in your garden. Because of their strong scent, herbs tend to detract bugs and pests from gardens. Bugs have poor eyesight, and use scent to decide what plants to feast on. If you plant herbs in your garden, you will have much fewer pests visiting your garden on a daily basis. To read the rest of this article go to


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