Top 6 Survival Tips For Families With Young Children

As an adult it’s vital that you teach survival, and prepping skills to them at an early age. You want to keep it fun, and interesting, but with an understanding that what you are teaching them is important.

In order to do that we searched for and found 12 survival tips for families with young children. These 12 survival tips will help you to teach survival tips to your younger children without causing them to be fearful. If you have any others please feel free to add them in the comments section.


1. Include children in family preparedness discussions. Explain what you are talking about in a calm, assured manner and answer questions honestly and simply. Focus the conversation on the safety issues that will ensure their survival.

2. Regardless of their age, teach young children to memorize basic personal information such as full name, address, telephone number, and the names of their parents or guardians. This will be invaluable in the event they become separated from their family following a disaster.

3. Learn the disaster response policies of you child’s school or daycare center. Be sure to establish a backup plan so that someone is available to pick them up and/or care for them if you are unable to do so. A good idea would be to have the backup person check on them, regardless, just to be sure. (After all, you may be hurt and unable to call the backup person yourself.)

Survival Tips

4. Make sure the school or daycare center always has current emergency contact information for your children. They should also have a list of persons authorized to pick your children up from school. The last thing you want is for a kidnapper to take advantage of the chaos and snatch your child away for some nefarious reason.

5. Establish more than one family meeting site and make sure you child knows where it is. This will help if you can not return to your home.

6. Establish an out-of-state contact person and make sure that your child and the school knows how to reach this person. Remember that although local phone lines may be down, long distance circuits often will be working following a disaster.

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