DIY Off-Grid Small Scale Solar Power System That Runs Just About Anything.

This DIY Solar System will run drills, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, blenders, can openers, soldering irons, heating pad, crock pot, computer, lights, fans the list is almost endless. 

All of these things and more… from one 3 panel set. This is easy to setup and use. This small scale DIY solar system will run almost anything (used “in moderation”). 

For longer/extended run times just increase size of the overall system. 

Make sure to watch the video below.


You hook the batteries in parallel. meaning (“+ post” of 1st battery to the “+ post” of 2nd battery. then “+ post” of 2nd battery to “+ post” of 3rd battery. etc…) do the same with the “negative” posts. then hook the charge controller and the inverter to the first battery in the row.

if you have more than 6 batteries then search google to find detailed diagrams on how to hook those together. you can run the lights and tv on 1 or 2 sets of panels and 1 or 2 batteries. …

Panels are 100% waterproof and weatherproof. they are meant to be mounted outside (permanently if you like). The battery is used to store the power that the panels generate.

They are charged over and over again. briefly, all you need to do is hook the solar panels to the “charge controller” and then hook the “charge controller” to the battery.

Then simply hook an “inverter” to the battery. the inverter has an AC outlet on it, finally  just plug in what you want to run. Good luck building your DIY solar system.

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