These 14 Things That Will Instantly Give Away Your Location If Your Trying To Be Stealth When SHTF

If you’re ever in a disaster, survival situation, or trying to be stealth for any reason, there are 14 things that will give you away instantly.

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In the video that follows is a discussion of those things and how they will give away your location.

You’ll also find lots of simple, inexpensive, easy tricks that can be utilized. These 14 Things That Will Instantly Give Away Your Location If Your Trying To Be Stealth When SHTF. Watch the video now to see them.


14 Things that will Give you Away!:
1. smoke
2. cooking smells
3. cough
4. children
5. barking dog
6. garbage
7. footprints in snow or mud
8. noise
9. cell phone
10. visual human form
11. movement
12. bright colors
13. looking too geared up/military or camo’d
14. fire

Minimize the impact of all of these to increase your chances of survival. πŸ™‚
Stay safe everyone πŸ™‚


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  • L.A.West

    NOTHING TRAVELS on the wind – even a slight breeze – like the smell of burning wood. A well thought out and purpose built redoubt will have ALUMINUM FACED insulation in all walls and the ceilings – to keep and reflect all heat in the building – using as little heating as possible to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Trust me on this – it really works. Keep the redoubt as low profile as possible and if possible with an earthen roof covering and lots of landscaping that will hide and blend the place into the surroundings. NEVER have exposed parked vehicles sitting around outside as well. Do NOT have an obvious drive way leading to your redoubt. Not even a foot trail.

  • Juan

    Too much or wrong camouflage also give your position. Scarce vegetation around, except in your location. Green healthy vegetation around, but yours is drying. Never cut vegetation for camo. except for a quick cover to hide and go. Also any kind of glass/crystal/some plastics and metals reflects sun light( cover windshield, headlights, windows, mirrors, etc). Birds or other wild animals looking for your leftovers/garbage can also give you away. Careful with antennas too(day and night time).

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