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10 End Of The World Predictions That Never Came True.

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Seems like everyone from religious leaders, scientists, have been giving predictions for the end of the world. They’ve predicted the end of the planet through floods, fires, and comets, and you name it.

The good news is none of those things have happened. Religious leaders have been saying the apocalypse was going to happen for thousands of years.

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at end of the world predictions that never came true.

10 End Of The World Predictions That Never Came True.

In light of the Rapture being postponed, here are 10 other predictions that didn’t herald the end of the world…




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  1. No one thought Hitler would have done what he did but it happened, The bible as far as i know doesn’t put a date on more crazy things happening but it will, it just says if God doesn’t shorten the days even those strong believing people would fall away, Greed has always led our culture and made it thrive but it will cause it to fall apart too. I( watch how the ant prepares for winter) i see things happening in the world that tell me something will burst, so i think it is wise not to put all ones eggs in one basket as i see the terrain quite possibly being rough, sooner than later.