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How To Build A Primitive Thatched Dome Hut From Scratch

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Knowing how to build a thatched dome hut from scratch is a valuable survival skill to have. It could be a real life saver. Hopefully you’ll never be in a situation where you’ll need one. Nonetheless you can add it to your survival tool kit.

This thatched dome hut was built on a mountain ridge using only basic tools and materials.

This primitive thatched dome hut was 2.5 m in diameter and 2 m tall. It was constructed from 8 slim saplings 2.75 m long, the thatching material was split palm fronds and vine was used to hold it all together.

You will notice that a stone hand ax was utilized to chop the saplings, and a sharp stone flake was used to cut fronds. The pointed dome profile is half way between a rounded dome and a ti-pi.

This design allows rain to run off and channels smoke efficiently while still giving you quite a bit of room. Digging a moat around the hut allows water to drain away. As a side note sweet potatoes were planted along with taro around the moat to produce food later on.

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  1. I have watched a number of the videos posted by Primitive Technology. Each one is interesting to watch and even though there’s sounds, I get more by watching how this guy uses tools and materials to accomplish his tasks without commentary. Very well done.