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How To Get Free Hot Water From An Off Grid Compost Wheelie Bin

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

It’s true, you can get free hot water by using this compost wheelie bin setup. This is a nice method of obtaining free hot water. Of course it’s not boiling hot, however you’ll be pleased with exactly how warm the water does get using a compost wheelie bin.

This is mainly for places that get rather cool in the winter time. This is a great idea you should take action on.

“What I have made is a compost heater, inside a wheelie bin with 20 mm poly pipe coiled around the outside wall of a pipe – about 8 meters in each bin.

Compost can reach a core temperature of 70 degrees Centigrade. Conventional Hot Water systems are thermostatically set to heat the water to around 65 – 70 degrees centigrade. So at its peak this system will create very hot water for free. Watch the video for more details. Read more at:


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  1. You need a bigger compost pile for this to be effective. A trash bin is too small unless if you are using one of the steel trash bins that are about 5’x5’x5′ that the trash truck picks up and dumps into the truck. You need about 1 cubic yard of material for the compost process to work.

  2. I agree with Dr R. Also, keep in mind that if you remove a lot of heat[ed water], the composting process will slow down or even stop. leaving you with a big messy blob of stinky stuff.