Building A Tiled Roof Hut From Scratch

This tiled roof hut was built completely from scratch using only primitive tools, and natural materials. This is what real survival skills are all about. Sure it takes some work, but the pay off is well worth it.

It’s interesting to note that the guy building this tiled roof hut does not live in the wild. He simply wanted to see if he could put his survival skills to use.

Also used to cut, and carve wood as you’ll see in the video were a celt stone axe and stone chisel which were hand made.

The completed hut comes with swinging door made from sticks. The inside was kind dark so a torch was made using tree resin. Watch this outstanding video now and learn all that went into this project.

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    I need this dude email address.or a place to send a letter.another outstanding video.i love the in depth knowlage and the video shows in great detail while being short and sweet.guy after my own heart.

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