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If This Doesn’t Make You Think Nothing Will {WATCH}

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

We are living in time where overpaid sports heroes seem to garner all the attention. We forget the small acts that go largely UN-noticed.

That most certainly would have been the case here if this act of kindness wasn’t caught on video.

In my opinion the gentleman shown in the following video deserves the keys to the city wherever he lives.

We as preppers and survivalists sometimes fail to realize that there are others out there that are trying to just survive the day. Let’s all look for those opportunities as shown in the video to help out our fellow man.

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  1. This is a highly valued point.one we all need to remember.there are some people that act in a manner to prevent us from helping them.but the actions of a few should not affect the whole.like today,as I was doing some things in downtown salt lake city,I saw a homeless person randomly breaking car windows.this one person stands to ruin all the good our mayer is trying to do for people in need.and in a way,we put them I a position to spiral ever downwards.lets be honest,in the last 50 years,how have we been taught to veiw homelessness?not good right?how would that make you feel if you lost everything and had nowhere to turn?or knew that no job would hire you if they thought you was homeless.its bad guys,and most break down and shut down.try this,pose as a homeless person and spend 24hours in a shelter.see how these people are treated,youl understand why they act like they do.i have seen puppy mills run beter than homeless shelters.this problem base many faces,and is very complex.but remember if a disaster hits,we all fall I that croud.and will be at the mercy of the systems in place.so lets make those systems in that respect.