How To Take Down Any Attacker In 3 Seconds (or less)

Hey soldier, Jules Courtney here again. In my last post, I warned you about the top 5 mistakes that can get you killed by a bully. Well, sometimes you just can’t avoid an attack.

What will you do when some thug comes at you for no reason, or if you happen to run into some of those crazy protestors (you know who I mean). Maybe they think you’re someone else, or maybe they don’t like your hat.

Well look hot stuff, we all like to think we can handle our own, but having a plan in mind is what makes the difference in these situations.

This post may save your life, or at least make you look cool if anyone asks if you can fight. Seriously though, the techniques I am going to share with you today, and over the next few posts, are key to surviving an attack. So put down your issue of Field and Stream, and get ready to kick some ass!

When it comes to defending yourself, there is more to it than just kicking the guy between the legs (although this does work most of the time). When you’re in a confrontation, you only have a second to take this ruffian down.

This is no time to think about what to do. Before they have gained control of you, you must do everything you can to hit them where it hurts, and quickly.

Ending the fight as fast as possible gives you the best chance to win, or at least get away. To do this, every single punch or kick you throw should he delivered to the weakest or most vulnerable areas of your assailant. Your strikes should be able to immobilize your attacker as fast as possible.

Okay, I think you’re ready for the 3 second take down. You’re going to love this, so pay attention!

The 3 Second Take Down

The first area of attack: the eyes. A quick eye gouge immediately gives you the upper hand. If they can’t see you, they can’t hit you. Don’t be scared to go Three Stooges style. If you don’t know what that means, then you should probably not be reading this blog.

After you have effectively blinded them, your next move is a swift palm to the nose. While this won’t totally immobilize them, it may be enough to cause them to retreat. A precise strike to the nose will cause an insane amount of pain.

So now that we have them blinded them and given them the bloodiest nose possible, the last move is attacking the throat. The throat is my personal favorite point of attack (and Mcgruber’s too for all you fans). When going for the throat, there are two areas you should focus on:

  1.     The Adam’s Apple – A strike to the Adam’s apple can cause the attacker’s airway to collapse. You better make sure this guy is coming for you, because this can kill someone. I’m not talking from personal experience, but it can be lethal.
  2.     The second area would be where your throat meets your collar bone. When you jab your fingers here, you temporarily cause your opponent to lose their breath.

What I have told you today can be mastered in no time, as they are very simple. You need to be ready in the event of an attack, if not for yourself, but for your family! Whether you run into a thug in an alley, or if someone (I won’t say names) tries to come take your guns, you can now take them down in no time.

Defend, Survive, & Prosper!

~ Jules Courtney

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  • Brian

    I like the eyes 👀 aspect of your get em first attack.
    Here is my first strike techniques, direct straight hard strike to the adams apple .next.hammer fist to the, kick all your force in the nuts. They will drop like a stone every time !!!

  • Eric

    It’s amazingly simple strategically to do a split-second self reminder: eyes or nose, throught, groin.


    If in a position that doesn’t allow you to punch. Remember attacking soft area’s will usually net the best results. Grab the top of their ears and pull them down and forward with all of your mite. Grab the attackers throat/adam’s apple and try to crush it. If you have too, bite anything you can. Lastly use your head, literally, use your head to smash their face, nose, mouth, or cheek bone. There are so many sensitive spots on the face that can quickly disable your attacker.

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