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How To Wipe Out Any Attacker Using Your Mind (weird)


wipe out attacker

If I were to ask you, “What’s your #1 weapon in a close quarters
combat attack?”, what would you say?

Your fists?

What if I told you that you possess a weapon many times more
powerful and mastering it can mean the difference between life
and death in a violent attack?

I’m talking about….

How To Wipe out Any Attacker – With Your MIND!

hells angel

I know that sounds impossible, but if this is probably the #1
thing I find people struggling with when it comes to how to
survive a real-world violent attack.

You see, most people faced with a hostile encounter, instantly go
into a “defensive” mindset.

They think…

“If this guy punches me, how will I block it?”

Now, if you were to take a traditional martial arts class, you
might learn specific blocks for specific attacks.

Up block… down block… cross block… “X” block…
monkey ninja death block…

All “b.s” if you ask me!

Look… the LAST thing you want to be doing in an attack is
thinking about what strike your assailant will be throwing at you
and which block you’re going to pull out of your “arsenal” to
counter his attack.

THINKING will make you hesitate…

…Hesitation could get you KILLED!

The object of close quarters combat is NOT to react to your
attacker, but to make your attacker react to YOU…even if HE is
the first one to throw a strike!

In other words, as soon as you feel your safety is in undeniable
jeopardy…you should have already had your first target picked
out and be halfway down that scumbag’s throat!

Your ability to make that mental switch – that 100% commitment
that YOU will control the outcome of an attack regardless of WHO
throws the first punch, is your most powerful weapon you possess
against the violent thugs of today.

Of course, when you’re facing a much bigger, stronger attacker,
you had damn well better make that shot count, right?

Just hauling off and belting him in the face isn’t going to do
you much good if he has a neck like a Rottweiller.

But there are a few simple moves that will topple even a giant
badass thug.

My buddy Jeff put them all on a free DVD you can get here..

He made this DVD free because for years, the #1 question he was asked is “How can I defend myself against someone twice my size?”

Forget “defending yourself”… the best defense is a kickass “offense”.

These moves have never failed me.

Just go to this special web page and tell us where to send your DVD.

Talk Soon~Jason

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