Should you run or stand and fight?

Howdy… Jason here and imagine being confronted with a bear, wolf or even an enraged deer or moose?

The adrenaline would flood your blood stream and your instinct will be to run like the wind.

Bad idea!

Because – even with a massive burst of adrenaline supercharging your legs – you’ll simply trigger the animal’s chase instinct and they would almost certainly outrun you.

So, quell your urge to run and stand your ground.

Put your mind into an aggressive mode … shout, make a loud noise, bang a stick against something and, if you have a cigarette lighter, use it because most animals shy away from fire.

And talking of standing your ground, imagine waking up and being aware of a burglar in the house, or being confronted with a thug trying to steal your car in a dimly lit parking area at night.

But you won’t feel defenseless with this powerful weapon to first blind your attacker and then make him quickly realize picking on you was a very bad idea.

So take a look and see how easily you can stack the deck heavily in your favor.

Wishing you a safe life,

P.S. In my next email I’ll reveal an ingenious way to make a temporary barbeque grill so you can cook fish or small game.

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