Where’s the safest place in a plane if it crashes?

Howdy… Jason here … imagine this.

You’re cruising at 30,000 feet cosseted in the coveted First Class section, eating lobster and sipping vintage Champagne.

Suddenly there is a violent explosion and the plane starts bucking like a bronco at a rodeo.

Alarms start ringing and the flight attendant tell you to buckle up your seat belt.

But it’s all in vain because your plane plunges into a mountain and many are killed.

Fortunately you are one of the few ultra-lucky ones in the front First Class section to survive.

And I say ultra-lucky because – according to Popular Mechanics’s survey of 20 commercial airline crashes, passengers in the front have only a 49% chance of survival compared with the 69% chance of passengers in the rear cabin.

That’s probably why the ‘Black Box’ flight recorders are located in the plane’s tail.

So, if you value your life above being treated like a rock star for a few hours, then squeeze into the economy seats at the rear and put up with the extra noise from the jet engines.

And, as mentioned in a previous email, putting on your seat belt and adopting  the ‘brace’ position, with your head cradled against your knees, will stack the deck even more in your favor.

Your life could depend on this advice!

And here’s something that might also save your life in an emergency, although you won’t believe the power of this torch until you experience it.

And you certainly won’t believe it runs off a single small AA battery, until you see it with your own eyes!

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And it’s all thanks to this high power/low battery consumption LED breakthrough.

What’s more this robust flashlight is so compact it’s perfect to keep in your car or on your night stand – in, fact anywhere you might need a powerful compact light in an emergency.

And what makes it TOTALLY PERFECT is – it is FREE for you, provided there is still some stock left.

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P.S. In my next email I’ll tell you what to do in the event of the very real possibility of being confronted by a ferocious dog in the park or city street.

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