What to do if this happens to you.

Howdy… Jason here and imagine you’re going on your morning run and suddenly you’re confronted with a large, savage looking dog with no owner in sight.

What do you do?

The first priority is to stop running and stand perfectly still.

That’s because dogs, like most animals, react to movement by triggering their chase instinct.

So, by immediately stop running and standing perfectly still, you might just defuse the situation and the dog will lose interest and wander off.

And you can also use the dog’s chase instinct to your advantage if you have a water bottle or even your cell phone in your hand.

Because throwing it away in the opposite direction to your best escape route might send the dog off chasing it, giving you time to escape, by walking away briskly (but not running).

If you have nothing to hand, then pretend to thrown something. It might just fool the dog long enough for you to escape.

And if you baulk at the idea of throwing your precious cell phone away, remember dogs can kill and you can always get another phone – but not another life.

I hardly need to tell you we live in very dangerous times, with hardly a day passing without some new horror arising.

So it’s very wise to be personally prepared with a range of flexible plans at the ready, to be put into action in an instant should the worst happen.

And this amazing program not only makes it possible – but great fun, too!

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Best wishes for your safety at all times,

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