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Here’s how to light a fire first time –every time.

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

Hi… it’s Jason here and one of the most important pieces of kit for your bug out bag is something to quickly get a fire going in an emergency.

Once you have a fire, you can sterilize water, dry wet clothes and keep yourself warm – the holy trinity of survival.

So it will pay you to have a way of quickly converting a spark or match into a hot flame that you can quickly build into a respectable fire.

And one of the easiest way to do this is to soak some cotton balls, used by ladies to remove makeup, in Vaseline ®.

Vaseline ® is petroleum jelly and so is highly flammable. Keep your treated cotton balls in a airtight tin and you’ll always be able to rustle up a fire in an instant.

And here’s the perfect companion for your Vaseline ® cotton balls.

What’s more – it’s free …

Because you’ll never be short of a match with this amazing little gadget that clips onto your belt or key ring and is completely waterproof.

It’s a $19 value – but my gift to you, provided you claim yours before they are all gone.

So, if you snooze, you’re likely to lose. So zoom over here, right away and claim yours, right now. 


P.S. My next email will give you the heads up on lighting a fire with wet wood and keeping it going – even in the pouring rain.

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