Smoke signaling secrets.

Hello… it’s Jason here again and in my previous email I explained how to light a fire, first time – even in the rain.

Now I’m about to reveal how to make it smoke in the event you need to signal your position to rescuers.

The first step is to make a substantial fire and then let it burn down completely, so it’s just the glowing embers.

Meanwhile, gather any leafy vegetation you can find and when a rescue plane comes into view, throw the whole lot on the remains of the fire, covering the fire completely.

Pine and spruce needles will make thick smoke, due to the high resin content.

If you can’t find any leaves, plastic or rubber will also produce really dense smoke.

Lighting a fire or generating vital smoke signals on demand becomes a snap when you wear this ingenious FireKable bracelet.

The built in striker and ferro rod means you’ll never be without one of the vital aspects of survival.

And, because the ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees, just about any tinder will be transformed into a raging inferno in an instant.

And what makes this amazing gadget perfect is that it’s yours For FREE.

And what makes it doubly perfect is you ALSO get a book by survival expert, Joe Marshall, revealing his ultimate survival skills.

But there is a catch.

Because both items are free of charge, the demand is naturally massive and as soon as stocks run out – that’s IT.

So zoom over here right now and claim your bracelet and book, before it’s too late.

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Good luck in everything you do,

P.S. My next email I’ll reveal the vital secrets of keeping warm in an emergency situation.

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