How to find you way – without a compass.

Howdy… Jason here and imagine you are stranded in the wilderness without even a compass.

How do you find your direction – particularly when it’s too cloudy to see the sun?

Here are some tips that could save your life …

Look for moss on trees. Moss tends to grow on the side of a tree that doesn’t get direct sunlight, so it remains damp, which is ideal for moss to thrive.

That means, moss will indicate north in the northern hemisphere and visa versa in the southern hemisphere.

If there are no trees around, look on the side of rocks.

Spider’s webs work the other way around and usually found on the sun-facing side of objects.

And if the sun is out, then it’s a simple matter of pushing a stick vertically into the ground and marking where the shadow falls with a stone.

Waiting a while to see in which direction the shadow travels and place another stone where the new position of the shadow is.

A line though the two stones will give you the east to west axis. If you’re in the northern hemisphere and standing with the sun on your back, west will be to your left.

And in the southern hemisphere west will be to your right when standing with the sun on your back.

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