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Howdy… my name is Jason and it is my pleasure to welcome you to my web site: ‘The Good Survivalist’.

You’ve made a very wise decision to consider what you would do if disaster ever threatens you and your loved ones, because – as I know only too well – you simply don’t know when disaster will strike.

In my case a head injury resulted in my having to have major brain surgery …


That really brought it home in no uncertain terms how – in just a split-second – our lives can be transformed into a crisis situation.

And, very often this crisis can be beyond our control – whether a hurricane, tornado, flood or some man-made mischief.

And, when that happens, there is a paper-thin dividing line between our comfortable push-button 21st century lives, with every convenience at our finger tips, and being thrust back in the stone age, having to rely entirely on our own skills.

Fortunately, I had undergone top secret advanced commando training in the military, where I learnt many things I would have never thought possible and this forms the red hot core of the Good Survivalist.

And so, once I left my lengthy stay in hospital, I set about on my new mission with a vengeance.

It’s often said that ‘Knowledge is Power’ and so my mission is to provide good folks, like you, with the powerful knowledge that will stand you in good stead should the worst ever befall you.

So, over the coming few days and weeks, I will be sending you some great tips to help you hone your survival skills to the absolute peak of readiness for whatever life throws at you.

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I promise I’ll always be a welcome visitor to your email inbox, always bringing you something of interest, whether an ingenious survival hack or news about a highly effective survival tool that will be a valuable addition to your survival armory.

And to start the survival wagon rolling in the right direction, here – with my compliments – is a vital piece of kit now made essential because the banks are rolling out contact less credit and debit cards.

You see, when your new contactless cards supposedly safe in your wallet, it’s a piece of cake for any thief to stand next to you in a store – or even walk by you in the street – and grab the codes from your new contactless cards using a simple, easy to obtain RDFI scanner.

Then armed with your secret account information, they can clear out your back account, leaving you dazed and wondering what happened.

So this ingenious solution encases your cards safely in a strong metal shell, making them impossible to read with a scanner.

And the good news is – your pack of five RDFI blockers is FREE – you just pay for the S & H.

So don’t risk an attack any longer.

Click this link right away and we’ll rush your pack of five to your door.

But I must warn you …

Supplies are strictly limited, so it’s ‘first come, first served’. So don’t wait on this, otherwise you could be bitterly disappointed – not to mention have your bank account HACKED.


Until next time,

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P.S. My next email I’ll reveal why you should never go anywhere without these two vital pieces of kit. So be sure to keep a sharp eye out for my next email, because you certainly won’t want to miss it.

And to be certain you receive every single one of my tips and other news, simply add my email address to your ‘Contacts’ folder, right now, while it’s hot on your mind.

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