Emergency shelter secrets.

Howdy… Jason here and being able to quickly construct some sort of shelter is vital for protecting you from both the weather and some wild animals.

So here are three super-tips, to make your shelter – if not five star – at least as comfortable as possible.

Never build a shelter where the ground is damp, because you body heat  will pull up even more moisture.

Avoid pitching your shelter on high ground, because of the wind-chill factor and risk of having the shelter brought down by strong winds.

And never go to the other extreme and pitch your shelter in a valley, because cold air is heavier than warm and so sinks to the valley floor forming a ‘frost pocket’, meaning you could very well wake up freezing in the middle of the night.

So look for a ‘Goldilocks’ situation – neither too high nor too low and preferably with some natural shelter.

If you add up just how much money you spend buying new batteries, I bet you’d be shocked. And, as more and more equipment becomes battery powered, that amount is only going to increase.

Gadgets with built-in rechargeable batteries are ideal, but, sadly, many gadgets still rely on replaceable batteries.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could effectively recharge them in the same way as rechargeable batteries? 

Well now you can, because I’m about to show you where to find the secrets of bringing dead batteries back to life.

So don’t waste any more money on replacement batteries and don’t waste another minute before you click here for the Lazarus Secret.

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Enjoy the savings!

P.S. In my next email I’ll reveal a simple way you can ensure you always have the means of lighting a fire first time – every time.

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