Be prepared!

Howdy… Jason here and it always pays to think ahead when your survival is at stake.

So, if you have already made a fire, here’s a way of making sure your next fire is a snap to light.

While your fire is burning brightly take a piece of cloth and put it in a metal container. Seal the container and put it in the fire for a few minutes.

The intense heat of the fire will char the cloth, making it ready to ignite as soon as a spark touches it.

Do that every time you have a fire and you’ll always be confident of lighting your next fire without difficulty.

And here’s another way you can be confident of lighting a fire on demand.

This sturdy magnifying lens will produce a flame on a sunny day in under two minutes.

It’s so slim you can carry it at all times and never notice it – until you need it. And you can also use it to magnify small type.

What’s more, there are 1,000 being made available FREE of charge (you just pay a small S & H charge).

And you also get a handy book, detailing the many ways you can start a fire.

>> So click here now and see if there is one left for you.

Good luck!

P.S. Look out for my next email when I’ll reveal another way you can make your survival adventure silky smooth by thinking ahead.

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