How thinking ahead gives you clean drinking water.

Howdy… Jason here and here’s another tip on the theme of thinking ahead I spoke about in my last message

When you have a fire and it has died down, collect the pieces of charcoal left from the blaze.

These are perfect for purifying water and making it taste better.

And, if you have a ‘Concealed Carry’ permit, then this ankle holster is perfect for you …

Because, right now the regular $19.97 price is slashed to ZERO.

So zoom here immediately you get this message, because this amazing offer could end at anytime, then the  price will shoot back up to $19.97 (although it will still be an absolute bargain at twice that price – but why pay when you don’t have to?).

Best regards,

P.S. My next email I’ll reveal a secret way the crack British SAS regiment find drinking water when others, who don’t have the secret, go thirsty.

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