How to stop the pain of a bug bite.

Howdy… it’s Jason here and if you get bitten by a bug, then here’s an easy, and highly effective way, to sooth the pain if you don’t have any medical supplies with you.

Simply dab a small amount of toothpaste on the bite. Toothpaste contains substances which will quickly deaden the pain.

And if some hoodlum thinks they’ll be able to take a bite out of you – they are in for the shock of their lives – provided you’re armed like the Secret Service and US Special Forces.

Because this isn’t JUST a pen – it’s a powerful weapon you can also sign your name with.

Best bit: it’s FREE – while stocks last.

So be smart and get over here right away and see if there’s one left for you.

Kind regards,

P.S. be sure to look out for my next email because I’m going to cover something that is vital to know in case you ever need to signal for help.

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