This could very well save your life.

Howdy… it’s Jason with the heads up on an easy to do technique that could very well save your life if you want to attract rescuers.

It’s called the Universal Wave because it’s a signal that will be understood by rescuers anywhere on the planet.

You’ve probably actually seen it used in action movies and it’s very simple to do.

Simply stand with your legs slightly apart and wave your arms like you were doing jumping jacks.

That should bring any rescuers in the area right to you.

But you won’t need to rely on anyone else rescuing you from a power outage if you have one of these amazing machines.

Not only will it prevent you from having to fumble around in the dark, you don’t need to worry about storing dangerous, smelly gasoline because this generator uses cutting edge 21st century technology to harness the free power of the sun.

So when our creaking 20th century power grid suffers another outage, you’ll be able to carry on regardless.

And, if you want to go on vacation into the wilderness, then this little beauty can travel right along with you, giving you all the comforts of home in the backwoods.

And it will be comforting to know that – if the worse should ever happen – you can stay snug at home, without attracting the attention of marauding gangs of looters to your home because of a noisy gas-driven power generator.

And, if you have to make a run for it, then your sleek solar generator can come along with you.

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But there is some bad news …

These machines are so popular, they’re being snapped up as soon as another batch arrives at the warehouse.

So cross your fingers and click this link to see if there is one left for you.

Good luck!

P.S. in my next email I’ll reveal the secret to controlling the natural sense of panic we all feel when suddenly faced with danger. So be sure to look out for it and read it right away.

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