What to do when the worst happens.

Howdy… Jason here and when you are faced with any sort of crisis, the natural human reaction is to panic.

But this can be fatal – particularly in a life and death situation.

So, take a deep breath, breathing through your nose.

So effective is deep breathing this way that the FDA has approved it as a remedy for both lowering stress and blood pressure.

This will quickly bring about a feeling of calm and greater confidence.

Getting out of a dangerous situation requires cool, calm thinking. So the first requirement is that you calm down.

Then you can take a long, cool look at you situation and weigh up the various options open to you.

That way you’ll likely survive a situation that could well have been made infinitely worse if you had panicked and did the first thing that came into your head.

Knowing you have a powerful flashlight to hand, that can withstand all the rough treatment you throw at it will give you a wonderful feeling of control in any situation.

That’s why I’m delighted to tell you about my free gift for you today.

It is one of the most powerful flashlights I’ve ever experienced, probably because it was originally developed for military use.

At 300 lumens, it has the power of four conventional flashlights, yet only weighs two ounces.

That’s because it is machined from a block of aircraft quality aluminum.

One click turns its power beam into a strobe light, which will render any attacker blind. And yet this little marvel runs on a single AA battery.

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What’s more, you’ll ALSO get a handy survival skills field manual with it.

It’s a $29.95 value, but today you can claim yours completely free.

Stay cool!

P.S. Be sure to look out for my next email, because I’ll reveal how you can sleep as soundly as a baby even when you are forced to sleep out in the wilderness or forest.

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