These two items could just save your life.

Howdy… Jason here again and imagine being stranded alone in the wilderness and the frustration you would feel if you saw a rescue plane but where unable to signal to it.

Just imagine your gut-wrenching fear of never being found, when the plane gets smaller and smaller and then finally disappears over the horizon, unaware you were so very close.

And that could easily happen if you don’t have – not one – but TWO items capable of reflecting the sun’s rays and so alerting a searching plane.

And that’s because the sun only covers a 180 degree arc.

So, if you get lost in the northern hemisphere, the sun rises in the east travels in an arc south and then sets in the west.

And, if you only have one shiny item capable of reflecting the sun then you cannot signal your presence to a plane traveling in the northern 180 degrees (and visa versa in the southern hemisphere).

But – with TWO reflective pieces – you can bounce the sun’s rays from the first reflector onto the second reflector and so signal to a plane traveling anywhere within the full 360 degrees of sky.

Ideally you would have a couple of mirrors, but any shiny reflective material – such as aluminum foil, knife blade or even a compact disc – will get the job done.

And here’s something that will signal your presence should you be unlucky enough to break down on the road at night.

As a driver, you’ve probably experienced just how hard it is to spot someone crouching next to their car by the roadside, dealing with a flat tire or other breakdown.

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So you certainly don’t want oncoming drivers to be in any doubt that you are in that vulnerable situation.

And it’s really simple, when you carry this amazing LED warning flare, which is visible from 5,000 feet way – so giving oncoming drivers plenty of warning of your presence and enough time to pull well clear of you.

Hopefully, you’ll never be in such a dangerous situation on the highway at night, but you’ll enjoy a warm feeling that – should the worse ever happen – you and your loved ones are full protected.

This amazing flare is used by the police, fire service and first responders. So if they trust it to keep them safe, why not you?

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