How to sleep soundly – even in a crisis situation.

Howdy… it’s Jason here and it’s important that you get good quality sleep in a survival situation, so you are alert and ready to face the challenge.

So, for that reason never sleep on the bare earth. Instead collect dry leaves or bracken and spread them in a pile so they form a mattress.

That way you will have a far more comfortable sleep, your body heat won’t leak away into the floor and so you’ll sleep like a baby.

But one thing guaranteed to keep you awake at night is a bad back.

And it’s certainly not something you need in a survival situation, which will probably requite quite a lot of physical exertion.

So, now is the time to conquer your back pain once and for all with this amazing breakthrough revealing the secrets of treating your back pain the natural way, without drugs with their high cost and possible nasty side effects.

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P.S. In my next email I’ll reveal what you need to do fast, if the plane you’re traveling on suddenly depressurizes.

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