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What to do when a crisis breaks.

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

Howdy… Jason here and if you suddenly find yourself caught up in a disaster situation, you need to calmly take stock of your position and make a list of priorities.

At times like these there will probably be a hundred things you need to attend to.

So it’s vital you get them listed in your mind (or on paper if you have any) so you can be confident you are working on the most urgent task, followed by the second most urgent task – and so on …

And, if you are in a hot environment, your top priority is likely to be finding a supply of good clean water to drink.  After that your second priority is likely to be to signal for help, if possible … and so on.

If your home is destroyed in some disaster – or you simply can’t afford to buy your own home – then here’s the perfect solution …

Hard to believe, but this beautiful two-story home was built using steel shipping containers.

Not only are they cheap to use, but – being already fabricated – are far faster than conventional building techniques, making it ideal as a replacement home following a disaster.

Click here now for full details.


P.S. My next email reveals how to deal with an animal bite or cut when in the wilderness. It’s vital you know this, so make sure you look out for my email and open it right away.

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