How to deal with an animal bite or cut when in the wilderness

Howdy… Jason here and if you ever get bitten by an animal or cut yourself in dirty conditions, then you need to take great care to clean the wound as thoroughly and as soon as possible.

The first step is to tie a ligature between the bite and your heart to isolate the wound and prevent any nasties being pumped around your blood stream.

Once you’ve done this, wash the wound as thoroughly as possible – using soap if you have any. Rinse thoroughly in the cleanest water you have.

If you have any spirits, like whisky, then bath the wound in this as the high alcohol content will help sterilize the wound. Beer and wine are no good for this, as the alcohol content is too low.

And, if a nationwide disaster should ever strike our country, one of the first shortages is likely to be those vital medical supplies.

But that won’t concern you if you are armed with these little known remedies that have been proven to work over centuries.

What’s more they’re not only free (compare that with the sky-high cost of pharmaceuticals!) but don’t have the possible unpleasant side effects of synthetic medicines.

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