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Where to sleep in the woods.

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

Howdy… Jason here and while many survivalists decide, rightly, that sleeping above ground is a good idea to protect themselves from wild animals, sleeping in a tree is definitely not.

Because there’s a very real risk of falling out of the tree as you relax during sleep.

Also bugs and creepy crawlies can reach you with ease.

A far better idea is to find a couple of suitably spaced trees and sling a hammock between them.

That way, you’ll be safe from both animals and creepy crawlies.

And this amazing little lantern will solve all your lighting problems, if you in the wilderness on vacation or at home during a power outage.

And when I say ‘little’ I mean it, because it folds flat making it a snap to pack in your bug out bag, but it inflates in a few seconds and starts giving out a useful bright ambient light.

This is perfect for vacations, back yard barbeques, or more serious situations.

It requires no batteries – ever – just sit it in a sunny spot for a while and it’s good to go.

Click here and see all the ingenious uses you can put this little lantern to.

Stay cool,

P.S. in my next email I’ll reveal the origins of today’s pharmaceuticals.

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