Three or four days without this and you’re dead.

Howdy… Jason here and do you remember that group of 12  young footballers and their coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand for nine days, without food or water?

When the two British divers, who were the first to reach them, discovered them they were pretty hungry but, mercifully, all alive.

So how did they survive so long without water – which usually brings about death after three or four days, depending on the temperature?

With no vegetation, equipment or sunlight their fresh water options were very limited.

Fortunately, they had the good sense to only drink the water dripping from the ceiling of the cave, strictly avoiding the pools of water laying on the floor.

Although the ceiling water might not be perfect, it was a far better bet than the stagnant puddles, which might have brought about diarrhea causing their bodies to dehydrate even faster.

If you find yourself in any other situation other than stuck in a dark cave, you can usually use sunlight or the heat of a fire to evaporate dirty water with a sheet of rigid plastic, plastic sheeting or metal sheeting set at an angle over the steaming liquid to catch the resulting condensation.

This will then run down the sloping sheet and can captured in a container, or hole in the ground lined with polythene sheeting.

It won’t taste of anything but it will be safe to drink. and just in case, this little amazing device will purify water for you – so it’s safe to drink from almost anywhere.

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