This is one of your most important survival tools.

Howdy… it’s Jason and one of the most important pieces of kit for a survivalist are your shoes.

They need to fulfill the following criteria …

Not too tight. Because when you do a lot of walking, you feet will swell. So better to have your boots at the larger size and wear an extra pair of socks that can be removed when the feet start to swell.

Your shoes must protect you properly in all situations. So look for a reinforced rubber sole and good quality leather or synthetic uppers.

Although you want strong shoes, they must be lightweight otherwise you will

quickly suffer from fatigue.

Do you sometimes feel that you want to dash outside your home and get some sweet ‘fresh air’?

If that is something you’ve ever experienced, then it’s probably due to the quality air in your home.

According to a study published recently by the journal ‘Science of the Total Environment’ there is an alarming level of toxins, dust mites and chemicals in the enclosed environment of our homes.

And, as we spend a third or more of our time in our homes, this can be a big problem leading to ..

  • Headaches or sinus problems.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Shortness of breath or coughing for no reason.
  • Itchy, eyes and sneezing for no reason.
  • A general feeling of tiredness and fatigue all the time.

Now, those patriots that brought us superb survival food and powerful solar power units have worked their magic and produced the answer to keeping the air in your home as fresh as the great outdoors.

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So click here now and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Success always,

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