The one FATAL mistake you must avoid.

Howdy… Jason here and – no matter how tempting – it’s never a good idea to travel in the dark, even when you’re in the desert and it’s blazing hot during the day.

That’s because it’s difficult to see hazards and very easy to fall into them in the dark. And you can’t use a torch because that’s a surefire way of signaling your presence to those who would do you harm.

And traveling though the wilderness in the dark is inviting big trouble, because most predatory animals are nocturnal and so have a key advantage over you, because they can see you better in the dark than you can see them – and you are in their territory.

Also the floor of the forest harbors insects and snakes.

Imagine you’re coming out of the movies and the leader of some gang of punks decide he wants your girl friend.

What do you do?

You can’t look like a wimp in front of your girl friend – and you not only have to protect yourself, but her, too.

So how the heck are you gonna get out of this?

And what if your girl friend is alone and confronted by a villain just as she’s gotten her cash out of the ATM?

Well, when you both know the street fighting secrets used by US Navy SEALS, UK SAS and Israeli Special Forces, revealed in this groundbreaking survival guide by this serving member of US special forces, then you can face any opponent with confidence.

So check this out, right now – before you are faced with the sort life or death scenario I described above, because it will be TOO LATE for regrets then.

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P.S. My next email I’ll reveal a small but powerful item for your bug out bag you can use two ways.

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