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Howdy… Jason here and if you have laces on your shoes, they are liable to catch on vegetation and come undone, which could be dangerous, tripping you up and injuring you just when you need to be at your peak.

So simply solve this with a strategic strip of Gorilla tape across the laces, keeping them firmly out of harm’s way.

And if you’re having trouble financing your next vehicle purchase, then you’ll love what I have for you today.

Because I’ve located 400 lenders who specialize in auto finance and will go more than the extra mile to help good folks, like you, finance your next car at loan rates that are truly rock-bottom.

What’s more they are happy to consider folks with a poor credit record, no credit record – and even bankruptcy.

So – whatever your circumstances – chances are you’ll be delighted at what you find by clicking here.

Happy motoring!

P.S. Watch out for my next email because I’ll be revealing a simple way you can keep warm if you’re in the forest and it’s getting cold.

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