The many uses for aluminum foil.

Hi… Jason here and a piece of aluminum foil is one of the most versatile items you can have for survival.

For a start, you can use it as a reflector and use the sun’s rays to signal for help. And if you need to signal in the opposite direction to the sun, simply tear the sheet in half and use the second reflector to send your distress signal in the right direction.

You can also shape aluminum foil to a bowl so you can heat water over a fire. That could save your life if you only have access to water of doubtful quality.

Boiling to the surface of the water ripples for one minute should rid the water of most nasties.

Tearing off sardine-size pieces of aluminum will give you some fish lures that should get fish queuing up to get onto your hook.

And, once you’ve caught your fish you can make a real gourmet meal by cooking it ‘en papillote’ in an aluminum parcel over a fire. This steams the fish, retaining all the moisture and favor.

And keeping your matches dry is another vital task for a piece of aluminum foil as is using the conductivity of aluminum to ensure dry batteries make good contact in their holders by making packing pieces out of folded up foil.

You can even use a sheet of folded up aluminum foil to sharpen blunt scissors by simply cutting the foil.

Here’s a 15 part survival kit that is so compact it can hang off your belt. And one of the ‘must have’ items is a sheet of aluminum foil!

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So check it out here, because – provided you claim yours before the stock is all gone – it won’t cost you a single dime.

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