There’s a simple way to apply nature’s own antihistamine

Howdy… Jason here and if you get stung by a bee or other insect or catch your bare flesh on a nettle, there’s a simple way to apply nature’s own antihistamine.

Dock leaves are fairly common in most countries, so simply pluck one and screw it up to release the sap. Then rub it gently on the bite, to reduce the  swelling and pain.

And here’s another clever solution to a big survival problem. Because one of the weakest links in our modern system is the electricity grid.

It’s at risk from the weather, terrorists and a magnetic pulse that could come from a nuclear bomb or even a solar storm.

But a dead father’s wonderful legacy to his son, Ryan, and his family when they were trapped in a snow-bound mountain cabin, can now signal your very own Independence Day by releasing you from the prison of sky-high electricity charges and the risks of being hooked up to the unreliable electricity grid.

Because Ryan discovered his father’s remarkable prototype solar generator built into a regular size tool box.  And with it came a small super-efficient folding solar panel.

And now he’s made its secrets available to anyone of average abilities to create their own mini power plant – or several if you wish.

And with its super-efficient folding solar panel it’s so compact you can put it in the trunk of your car and head off for a vacation in the wilderness confident you’ll still enjoy all the comforts of home – even including a mini-fridge to cool your beer.

What’s more, the saving you’ll gain by not paying those outrageous electricity charges will soon pile up enough treasure to pay for more vacations.

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So zoom over here, right now and see what all the fuss is about.

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