What’s the best way to survive a plane crash?

Howdy… Jason here… and aircraft makers carry out extensive tests on every aspect of passenger safety – particularly when airliners, carrying hundreds of passengers, are involved.

And in one such series of experiments, conducted by plane maker Boeing, found passengers who both donned their seat belt and adopted the ‘brace’ position, with their head cradled against their knees, had the very best chance of survival.

Those who neither donned the seat belt nor assumed the brace position were effectively committing suicide and those who donned the seat belt but did not brace were at a higher risk of death or injury that those who both belted and braced.

This is quite disturbing …

This guy, who makes survival food with a 25 year shelf life, has recently been approached by the US Government wanting to buy up his entire stock and inquiring the maximum he could produce with just 24 hours notice.

Could it be they know something we don’t?

So watch this video now and see the exact letter he received from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

But don’t watch it if you’re the nervous kind.

Be prepared!

P.S. My next email I’ll give you another smart tip on cleaning up less than perfect water so it is safer and sweeter to drink. So be sure to look out for it, because water is your #1 priority in a survival situation.

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