Nothing to eat but this.

Howdy… Jason here and it’s amazing how long you can survive without food – although it wouldn’t be very pleasant.

So it’s reassuring to know there are at least four classes of edible food abundant in most areas of the planet …

  • Acorns (roast some and they make a good coffee substitute).
  • Berries look for dark berries, blueberries, for example.
  • Grasses.
  • Pine needles.

And there’s a simple rhyme to keep you safe from eating the wrong sort of berries: “White and yellow, could kill a fellow. But purple and blue are good for you.”

And if you want to ensure a supply of cheap wholesome, dew-fresh food at home, no matter if the your local stores run dry, then here’s a way you can start your own mini farm for fresh eggs (and nutritious white meat).

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P.S. My next email I’ll reveal a surprising food that you’ll find in abundance all over the planet. It kept many people alive in the ruins of German cities immediately after WW2.

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