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Eating well in a war zone.

The Method of the day for Survivalists:

Howdy… it’s Jason and here’s another food that grows in abundance virtually anywhere and you might be surprised to discover is delicious and nutritious.

In the aftermath of WW2, when Germany lay in ruins, virtually the only crops that grew were nettles on the bomb sites. And that sustained many folks until the Marshall Plan kicked in.

You might find that surprising, because nettles have a fearsome reputation for stinging bare flesh at the slightest touch.

But, boil them gently in water until wilted and they lose their sting completely and form a very nutritious meal rather like spinach. And spinach didn’t do Popeye any harm, did it?

And here’s an amazing tool that can double up as a skillet allowing you to fry an egg or a couple of slices of bacon to go with your nettles– and has 15 other functions, too!

Not only is it a shovel which can quickly be adapted to become a hoe, it can be used as an axe to chop firewood.

You also get a razor sharp blade and a saw that will make short work of timber, plastic and many other materials.

And, in addition to a screwdriver and firelighter, there are still another eight functions [you can discover here … YOUR AFFILIATE LINK TO KONNEX ET 15]

Warmest regards,

P.S. In my next email I’ll reveal a clever choice of bug out bag so you can have everything you could possibly need – whatever the emergency.

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