5 Survival Tips For Your Pets

There’s all kinds of survival tips for us humans, but what about survival tips for your pets. Pets are an integral part of our family and need to have survival preparations in place In this article we’re going to explore 5 tips to help keep your pets alive should the worst come to pass.

Be sure to catch the video below this post. It contains some very helpful tips about feeding your pets during a disaster.

Every once in awhile, I get a chance to watch the Nat Geo show, Doomsday Preppers. I find it very interesting. Why?

If you do–or don’t–believe that the “end of the world” is coming, there are so many ideas in the shows for providing for yourself and your family in case of any emergency–from hurricanes to tornadoes, floods or worse.

You can take a little of this and a little of that from the different shows to use yourself.  The experts evaluations at the end of the show–rating the featured families preparedness for their chosen scenario–is helpful, too.  You get to learn what is really needed–and what isn’t.

Pets need to be included, too!

One thing that I have never seen covered in the shows that I’ve seen is preparedness for taking care of pets, especially providing for them in the bunkers or shelters the preppers are building.  I shudder to imagine that they are all planning on leaving the animals to fend for themselves, so I’ve decided to address this issue, hoping to ensure the pets can be saved, too.

Here are some areas of major consideration, which will require planning and preparation:


There are lots of freeze-dried pet food companies on the market, like Stella & Chewy’s, for instance.  This way, you can stock more food in less room and the animals can eat the foods dry or rehydrated.

Make sure your animal likes the foods you are going to stock and has some occasionally in their regular diet.  If you don’t, the sudden change of food can cause gastric upset and diarrhea.

If you run out of pet food or don’t have the room to stock it, find out what foods your particular pet/s can eat that are common to humans.

dog food recipies


Remember, your animals are used to going out at least several times each day to run and play. Being confined to a small area will be hard for them to understand and may be unhealthy.  IF you are building one of the luxury bunkers with TV and a frig, washer and dryer and more, how ’bout including a treadmill that both the people and animals can use?  The key to making this successful though, is to train your animal to accept it–and not be afraid of it–before you are on “lock down.”

I would also stock lots of long-term chews, toys and extra bedding. Bored or stressed animals–without something else to chew on–will pull apart their own beds/blankets or even gnaw on their own feet!

3-Potty Time

This is a big one. While you may be able to train your kitty cat use the toilet–or biodegradable litter–(better start now), dogs are different.  They sniff and circle and need to find the perfect place to deposit their “gems.”  Decide on how you are going to train them to go indoors so start working on it before an emergency. To see the rest of the tips please go to the full article go to Blog.Chron.com

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