A Guy Armed With Nothing But A Crazy Camping Idea, And Determination Ends Up With Something That’s Simply AMAZING.

Here’s guy who had a great idea but didn’t have any experience in what he wanted to do. What he wanted to do was build a better camper trailer. He did have the desire, and determination to see his idea through to completion. Through a lot of trial, and error he completed his project.

His pull behind camper trailer is simply a work of art. It looks like it was built by a real pro. Heck, if it was available I’d rent it from him for a weekend.


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Follow his project in the pictures below. We think you’ll agree the finished project is pretty cool camper trailer. I’d like to barrow this for my next camping trip! (This is set up in album style so simply click on the image to go to the next photo).

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Originally posted 2014-04-29 16:52:22.

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  • Caleb Arter

    This is really awesome. Thanks so much for taking so many pictures throughout the process. I commend you for sticking with it to see the final product.

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