Altoids Survival Kit

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A little tool kit that might be useful on a camping trip. Tried and true, you say? This is the best mini survival kit out there!

It holds 25, count ’em, 25 items…and counting

Pocket size, neat and organized, ready to go, easy open/close.

Step 1: The “ingredients”

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You will need:

–Items I have

empty Altoids tin
small flashlight
fishing line
duct tape
b-day candle
small candle
small compass
safety pins
medical tape
alcohol wipes
plastic container
tire puncture repair patch
signal mirror
rubber band
dental floss
razor blade
safety pins
–Other useful items that I don’t have yet

emergency whistle
flint & steel striker

–Useful items that won’t fit in the tin

Swiss Army Knife(or other multi tool-mine is Greatland Brand)

Step 2: How to Use the Items

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*altoids tin– You can cook small meat in it! First, use sticks to put it on stilts. Then put a candle underneath it. Don’t make the tin to high above the candle. Put the food in! There are many instructables on using it as a grill.


*matchbox– cut off the strips that for striking the match and glued them onto the inside of the tin lid

*gum– could for mending odds and ends, such as small bike tire punctures, and fishing bait

*small flashlight

*fishing line– fishing, traps, lashing, mending clothes

*duct tape– they’ve filled bookes with uses for this stuff

*b-day candle– helpful for starting fires

*small candle– helpful for starting fires

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*small compass

*foil– can hold food and keep tinder dry

*ziploc– can hold food and water, and keep tinder dry. It can also be used to collect condensation for water

*safety pins– helps to mend fabric and clothes, and can be improvised as fishooks and used in traps for small animals

*wire– good for lashing and animal traps

*medical tape– treat wounds

*gauze– treat wounds

*bandaids– treat wounds

*alcohol wipes– treat wounds and start fires

*plastic container– hold matches, tinder, protect things from water

*tire puncture repair patch

*needle– mend clothes and other fabric

*thread– mend clothes and other fabric, make traps, fish, lash

*signal mirror– also good for starting fires

*rubber band– keeps the tin closed and can be helpful in a variety of situations

*x-acto blades– supplement for pocket knife

*dental floss– fishing, traps, lashing, mending clothes

*razor blade– supplement for pocket knife

*safety pins– improvise fish hooks, mend clothes

Step 3: Well You’re Done!

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Nice job. Please Vote for me. Just use this as a supplement tool kit too your camping supplies, hiking supplies, or whatever. I’m sure you can think of other stuff to put in, so leave comments. Thanks, and enjoy.

Please comment, especially if you have suggestions. They are useful and helpful. If you know good websites on this sort of stuff, please comment.

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Remember, don’t rely on this for survival. Use common sense.

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