How To Survive A Bear Attack

In this post bushcraft expert Dale Collett shares tips on how to survive a bear attack. According to Dale it’s important to know that bears try to avoid people. They will attack if they feel like they are being threatened, defending their territory, or happen to be feeding off some animal they are eating.

If you happen to be caught in one of these situations you could be in trouble.

Below are some great tips for surviving a bear attack. Make sure to watch the video below about how to survive a bear attack.

First thing you need to know is that bears will attack to protect their cubs. One of the best ways to prevent an attack is to make noise as you are walking through any area where bears may be. The bear needs to know you’re coming, and most of the time the bear will try and get out of your way.

You can sing as you’re walking, or call out things. Everyone has heard of cow bells but how many of you have heard of bear bells. Some experienced survivalists wear bells that are to make noise that will let bears know you are around and make the bear leave your area.

If you are confronted by a bear the seems aggressive Dale recommends that you just stop. An interesting note is that you need to know what kind of bear is potentially going to attack. Grizzly bears are much more vicious than black bears and as you’ll find out in the video you need to handle each one differently.

Watch the entire video below to get all the tips you need to survive a bear attack. Here are a few important take aways:

  • NEVER RUN from a bear! They will think you are prey, and they eat you! You can not out run them. They can quickly achieve speeds of 25-30 miles per hour very fast.
  • Don’t try to climb a tree. Bears are good climbers and they will climb after you.
  • Don’t make eye contact with the bear. It will take that as aggressive behavior.
  • One other important point to consider is that there has never been a record of a bear attacking a group of six or more people. That is reason enough not to travel alone in bear country. Read More At:

Video: Tips To Survive A Bear Attack


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