How To Build An Extreme Survival Shelter

This is an extreme survival skill that may come in handy one day. What we’re going to do is learn how to build strong shelter in a wet forest. Another potentially life saving skill you’ll learn is the correct way to light a match.

Should you get down to your last match and you need to start a fire with it you’ll see the correct way to do it.

One the first steps we need to take in building our extreme survival shelter is to make sure we have a couple of strong trees to support a ridge pole. This will also allow you to lean a roof on it.

In the video below you will learn how to build a raised bed that will keep you off the freezing ground. Two important tips to note to build your shelter is that you will need a good cutting tool such as an axe, and a lot of firewood. Your going to be tying everything together using spruce roots which should be readily available.

Building your shelter takes a lot of work, so you want to make sure you do it right the first time. You don’t want to go back and have to redo it.

A few other things to consider are to be organized, take whatever time you need to get it right. Make sure not to rush the job. Rushing through it may cause you to injure yourself.

One of the benefits of this shelter is that you will be able to make it water proof with relative ease using moss. The roof that you create needs to be at a fairly steep angle to be able to shed potential heavy rain.

The shelter you are building comes complete with a bed. The video shows you how to make a raised bed, and how to make it soft using spruce bows. You’ll even learn how to create a pillow.

Building this extreme survival shelter this way pays off big time when you are able to build your fire in front of it which will allow you to sleep without a sleeping bag. I think you’ll agree it’s not exactly the Hilton hotel, but it sure beats sleeping out in the open.

Make sure to watch the video to get all the details.  Watch the video to the end to learn how to light a match correctly if it’s you’re last one. Could be a life saver.

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